Party anxiety 

Facebook. It makes it so easy to communicate it is impossible to plan a party. There’s so much noise in our lives now that one more Facebook event just gets lot in the aether. I have not had a party since my 21st. Because deep down, I am six and fear no one will come, leaving me alone, surrounded by balloons, a tear rolling down my cheek as I face plant in despair into my lovingly prepared chocolate layer cake. 

But now I have a house. With room for guests. I have run out of excuses. So I bit the bullet and threw a party. Because I realised I love my friends and I want to have them in the same room eating delicious food and playing games and dancing like loons. Yeah some people bailed last minute (all with legit reasons) but people came. People made an effort. And it was wonderful. I realised that if you have good friends it doesn’t matter how many or few of them there are. It’s always a party 💕 


Happy Valentines Day to all my beautiful friends far and near xxx

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