Memory is a slippery devil 

Memorization: for most people it conjure up the type of anxiety that only stikes people faced with giving a presentation or that time your mother made you perform a poem in front of a room full of strangers snd forgot the words and all the other kids laughed at you…. Oh. Just me?

This week I filmed a bank commercial. Over the years, as an actor I have developed a pretty good handle of memorising lines quickly but this was something else. Over a full A4 page of solid text that was all bank speak. No narrative, just terms and conditions and explainations about merchant account solutions and online business transactions. FOR SIX HEFTY PARAGRAPHS. 

I realised, if I was going to learn all this in less than 48 hours I was going to need to up my memorisation game, AND FAST  (Oh, did I mention I had a day and a half? Welcome to the glamourous world of performing, friends)

My weapon of choice visualisation and memorisation. 
The principal behind it is pretty simple, the visual memory is much better at storing images than random words. So you assign images to random words or numbers and crate a story in order to aid you in memorisation. 
Remember those magicians who can reeer a whole pack of cards? That’s how they do it. Sherlock and his mind palace? Same thing. 
So how did I go? Considering I’m a total novice at this technique I was pretty happy with how it worked. I was struggling big time with all the financial jargon so this technique was oracular you helpful at grounding the information for me. For instance when I spoke about about “a complete payment gateway and merchant account solution” I saw a literal gate way and through that was a merchant holding an account. I found the more detail I could give everything the better it worked especially if I could link one image to the next visually. 
Has anyone else given this tecnique a try? Let me know any tips or tricks you picked up. Like I said, I’m really just discovering it 🙂 

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