25 thoughts on turning 25



2. The final frontier of youth has been crossed. I can now rent a car without paying a young driver fee. 

3. I’m 25 and do not own a car. Self five for evading responsibility and staying #foreveryoung

4. Are those frown lines? Or laugh lines? Do I frown when I laugh…?

5. Let’s go to the comedy festival and find out. Young people go there! 

6. Wil Anderson is hilarious, he swears too much (Hello Aunt Mildred how did you get into my thoughts!?) 


7. It’s my birthday, I’ll buy somthing ridiculously expensive for myself. #YOLO

8. Hahahahahahaha that’s right I’m still at University. All I can afford to #yolo is packet of nerds and new copy of Jane Eyre to frown at on the train.

9. No. No more frowning. I will be young forever! I will read more improving books however. Healthy mind = eternal youth (or somthing like that) 

10. God I hate #yolo it’s everything that is wrong with our generation. 

11. At least lets use Carpe Diem #bringbackthelatin!

12. It has been 8 years since I last did Latin. I still remember the birthday presents I got for my eight birthday and I cannot remember anything more than ‘salve’. And that Caeclilius dude who dies in Pompeii. 

13. Maybe I should take Latin again? That will definitly be the cherry on top of my extremely useful Bachelor of Arts. Now to sit back and watch the offers of employment roll in. 

14. There’s a Shaun the sheep movie! I’m definitly seeing that. Even if I am the oldest person in that cinema who is not accompanied by a five year old.

15. There is a five year old judging me. Probably because I am laughing about ten times louder than anyone else in this cinema. Whatever. Someday you’ll be old and alone too little girl and then all you will have is children’s films and bitter nostaglia. 

16. Whoa. Time to reign the crazy in. We’ve got a good few years before we need to go full crazy spinster. And we’ll need to buy some kaftans first. 

17. Still not old enough to demand a seat on the tram. #thingstolookforwardto

18. Joggers are back in? Obviously I’m on this bandwagon (hello arch support) but I realise that this is the first time a trend has come back around in my lifetime. I spend the entire 90s in trendy joggers… And writing letters with gel pens…

19. I collect the post. SO MANY AMAZING FLOWERS AND CARDS AND PRESENTS. Best part about being an adult. All your friends do adult things like remember your birthday and send you adulty gifts. 


20. Best achievent in my life is having good friends. 

21. And family.

22. *sniff

23. I’M SO LUCKY #BLESSED (don’t care that hashtag over, it’s an accurate representation of my feelings right now). 


24. More cake! This birthday buisness is alright… 

25. I think when I turn 50, I shall get a gold statue made of myself for the town square. #goldenjubilee #solidplans



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