I’m back!

Hello internet!

yeah, I know its been a while… I promise it wasn’t personal, I’ve been super dooper busy being sick. Like really sick. As a generally healthy person its been really strange experience, and one that I do not care to repeat. After three months of being in and out of hospital and losing organs let right and centre (I am now sans both my gall bladder and my appendix), I am feeling a million times better and full of that joie de vivre that comes from realising your own mortality.

So naturally I have been focusing back on the important things in life (i.e. buying a gall bladder t-shirt before my final surgery a few weeks ago 😉


I am super thankful that I live in a. 2014 where keyhole surgery exists and also b. in Australia with our kick ass medical system.

Also I realised how amazingly lucky I am to have my family and friends. I know you all read this blog religiously 😉 so THANK YOU.

Now, that mushy stuff’s out of the way… time for more acting, adventuring and brunch!

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