Melbourne Winter Wanderings

I think, that winter is one of my favourite times of year. Most people will not understand this but my pale-skinned brethren will. It is the one time of the year I can just stroll around, in the middle of the day, without 3 layers of sunscreen and a giant hat, and not get burnt. Today I walked for 2 hours just because come summer I won’t have that kind of freedom.


The air always feels fresh in winter in Melbourne, its so crisp you can feel it tingling your face and lungs. I have started running more in earnest, because I want to run a half marathon next year, and I adore how alive running in the winter makes me feel. To feel that crisp air rushing past as you stand at the top of a big hill you’ve just spent the last 10 sweaty minutes climbing. I have never been much of a runner, I always said that I was born without that capacity. And to a certain extent I still believe that it true, I will never be an Olympian. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t finish a race. I have been reading some books on running training and I see there are many places I have been going wrong. The most important is to mix up your training routines and incorporate rest days. I am always of the mentality more is better when it comes to exercise, which I am starting to discover is wrong. Exercise is great, but it’s the rest periods that make all the difference, that is when your muscles recover and grown stronger. I have also discovered training in different heart rate zones which has been another revelation.

Last week I ran 10kms. That is the furthest I have ever run, and when the little banner came up on my Garmin to tell me just that, I felt pretty damn proud.

Of course, what’s a sporting victory without a Brunch. My beautiful friend Alice (hand model on the right) and I went to Combi, in Elwood and it was divine. The caramel slice in particular was to die for!



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