New York

What can be said about this wonderful city other than it was all I wanted it to be and more. The food, the culture and the shopping were to die for.


We walked and walked around those varying city streets until our feet hurt. Just drinking in the sights and smells (not all good). We caught up with old friends and made new ones. We did yoga at Yogaworks! (It was hard)


The snow wove its enchanting spell over us in the usual way it does to Australians who have come from 48 degrees Celsius to negative 10. We were like little children delighting in the great big flakes, catching them on our nose and eyelashes and jumping about like loons.


I was blessed with the ultimate travel companion in Leah, a saint who adores theatre, chocolate and shenanigans as much as I do. We were so in sync we even timed our bouts of illness together and happily commiserated over our mutual stuffy noses and chills by experiencing that other great New York tradition, staying in and ordering take out.



I kept a diary in order to regale you all with hilarious stories but upon reflection most of it goes something like this

“Woke up, ate __________ (insert amazing food here), walked to central park/empire state building/broadway/times square, fell in love with a gorgeous handbag/dress/shoes in rag and bone/7 for all mankind/opening ceremony, why am I not rich? that would be awesome. Note to self, become rich and come back to claim beloved garment. Snow is amazing! ps. cookies tomorrow?”

And so on…


Oh New York. You are beautiful, you are exciting and best of all you remind me quite a bit of home. That was my favourite part, realizing that my humble city has so much to offer that I never take advantage of, but from now on Melbourne, you and I have a lot of hanging out to do. Only I hope you won’t feel neglected if I stop in on NYC from time to time, there’s still so much to discover!

Quote of the Trip.
“What is a dime worth? there no numbers! This currency is MADNESS.”


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