When Jemima came to town

There is no better excuse to explore your own city than when you have a friend visiting from out of town. You have excuses to do things you’ve been putting off, in my case it was the Monet exhibit at NGV. So my hilarious friend Jemima was in town and provided me with the perfect excuse to spend a weekend brunching and seeing Melbourne like a tourist.


Here’s what we learned:

1. Monet is awesome. Like, seriously worth the crowds. he also liked lillies. A lot.

2. Brunch is an anytime food. As is chocolate.

3. Anyone who says they don’t love the tv show Grand Designs is lying. It is the chocolate of the TV world.


Here is our weekend in pictures:


J-dizzle zen-d out in the lobby. You don’t just go strait into Monet.


We like chilling in the ‘jardin’ talking about art n stuff…

DSC02237 DSC02239

and after a hard day’s culturing one needs to put one’s feet up and enjoys some Grand Designs. We are both a tiny bit obsessed. Kevin McCloud is our hero.



We played scissors paper rock with randoms on Flinders Street Steps #thatssomelbourne


Melbourne as usual put on the good weather for the visitors.


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